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The Unovent® revolution in home ventilation

The Unovent® home ventilation system gives you a drier, warmer and healthier home for up to 75% less than the cost of other systems.  Installation is easy and running costs are low with reusable filters and no annual maintenance contracts.  

The unique Unovent® ductless system draws dry, filtered air from the roof space to reduce moisture buildup, continually maintaining the airflow and air quality.  Fully automated and optimised for NZ conditions, the system keeps your home warm and reduces odour and moisture - no more dripping windows, damp drapes or mould.



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  • Ask us about the new Unovent® h-line™ solution for flat roof houses, lower floor rooms of two storey houses and skillion roof houses!
  • Also ask us about the new Unosola™ solution for holiday homes while you are not there and you want the mains power switched off.

Unovent® is an affordable and easy to install home ventilation system with a lifetime warranty that improves air quality and reduces moisture for healthier Kiwi homes.


Up to 75% saving on other systems, yet more effective.

DIY installation

Easily fitted by many DIY home handymen or an electrician – no ducting or complex equipment is required.

No electronics to master

Safe 12 volt transformer plugged
into 240v socket.

Cheap to run

Less than $1 per month to run
versus $5 to $30 running costs for other systems.

Easy to maintain

Clean reusable filters by hand
washing accessible from the living spaces.

Fully automated

Built in temperature and humidity sensor controller, optimised for NZ conditions with no adjustments required.


You won’t even know it’s there.

Our Promise

Designed to run more than 150,000 hours backed by a lifetime warranty.

Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems are proudly designed and developed in NZNZ Produced

Designed and
assembled in New Zealand.


What Customers Say

DIY Installation of your Unovent System DIY Installation of your Unovent System Testimonials

“When I noticed condensation in one of my rentals I did some research and decided on Unovent®. It worked so well I’ve put one in my own home too.”

Auckland property investor, Krishna Somasundaram

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Protect your biggest asset with an Unovent® home ventilation system – reduced moisture, odour and a drier, healthier home.

Find out how Unovent® makes healthy Kiwi homes

Showerdome and Unovent® are affiliated NZ enterprises successful at reducing unwanted moisture in the home with simple and effective solutions

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Showerdome Limited and Unovent Limited are affiliated New Zealand enterprises successful at reducing unwanted moisture in the home with simple and effective solutions.