Unovent® is a next generation, affordable home ventilation system with a 10 year warranty that improves air quality and reduces moisture for healthier Kiwi homes.


Up to HALF the price of other ventilation systems. The more vents you buy, the cheaper it becomes!


You won’t even know it’s there.

No complex ducting

Start with one room, or install throughout your home - it's up to you!

Cheap to run

Less than $1 per month to run
versus $5 to $30 running costs for other systems.

Fully automated

Built in temperature and humidity sensor controller, optimised for NZ conditions with no adjustments required.

Our Promise

Designed to run more than 150,000 hours backed by a 10 year warranty.

Fully Installed

Buy our kits online with the cost of installation included.

NZ Produced

Designed and
assembled in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.

Dual Filtration Best In Market

Both the G4 pre-filter and PollenGuard® post-filter are included as a standard feature.


Unovent® - the disruptor in home ventilation

Unovent® Ventilation Fan

The Unovent® moisture reducing home ventilation system gives you a drier, warmer feeling and healthier home for up to 50% less than the cost of other systems.  Installation is one call away and the unique ductless system is the most energy efficient system in the market.  

The unique ceiling mounted Unovent® v-line™ ductless system draws dry, filtered air from the roof space to reduce moisture buildup, continually maintaining the airflow and air quality. Fully automated and optimised for NZ conditions, the systems keeps your home feeling warmer and reduces odour and moisture - no more crying windows, damp drapes or mould.

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What Customers Say

Unovent Ductless Ventilation System Unovent Ductless Ventilation System Testimonials
DIY Installation of your Unovent System DIY Installation of your Unovent System Testimonials

"We love our Unovent! We have 80's style aluminium joinery and during winter, water used to run down our windows and you could hear it dripping. Since having the Unovent installed, we have dry windows and it's noticeably warm and dry in the bedrooms. The quoting and installation process was excellent, and it was extremely cost effective. We're so pleased we chose Unovent for our home."

Pam Wardrope, home owner, Tauranga



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No complex ducting - start with one room or install throughout your home - it's up to you!

Find out how Unovent® makes healthy Kiwi homes