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At up to 50% less than the cost of other systems, with Unovent® healthy Kiwi homes don’t need to be a luxury.

Unovent® is 75% less the cost of other Home Ventilation SystemsUnovent® Home Ventilation Systems are 75% less than other systems.


Just wanted to say we are so impressed with the Unovent system we installed last weekend. So cost effective compared with other systems including initial price, ongoing running costs and washable filters. The system turns on and off automatically if roof space is to hot, too cold or too humid as it was with recent rain storms. Last week we woke up to dripping windows every day. The condensation has completely gone after three days and the house smells fresh and definitely feels warmer due to reduced moisture in the air. It is 7 degrees outside at the moment and totally comfortable inside without additional heating. Love that this is a NZ designed system and so simple. Quick and simple ordering online. Wish we had done this six years ago.

Kara, home owner, Hamilton

“It really does work and compared to other systems, the costs are so much more reasonable.”
Kirsten, property investor, Dunedin

“Unovent is considerably cheaper and does the same job as others on the market, plus it is quick and easy to get installed.”
Nazla, home owner, Auckland

“Unovent does the same thing, as more expensive systems.”
Hine, home owner, Lower Hutt