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29 August 2018
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The game-changing Unovent® ventilation system was invented when a man was looking for a less expensive, longer lasting and cheaper running ventilation for his own home.

Being an engineer, John Wadsworth had an understanding of moisture control, air management, electronics and control systems. He was puzzled why other brands used a large, expensive ducting system in the roof space of the homes. He had noted that the same space extended over all the rooms in the house – so why not bring the drier air straight through the ceiling to the room where it was required?

When he thought about this radical but simple idea he realised the fan motors could be much smaller, lower voltage, lower wattage and more economical to run. It was possible to use safe 12 volt low wattage energy which means anyone can install an Unovent® system if they are a reasonably competent handyperson. A 12 volt system is very cheap to run … just $1 per month for a typical home.

Over a year of trialling it proved the system works as well as any other – but was cheaper to manufacture, quick and easy to install and more economical to run. There are also other cost saving benefits – all doing the same task other systems do.

The idea was conceived in New Zealand, the Unovent business is 100% Kiwi owned and operated – and we assemble the vents at our premises – even the Unobrain® electronic control system was designed and is made in New Zealand.

Since most of 2013 and into the start of 2014, when John invested in and spent time developing the unique system, he set up the Unovent® business for helping people gain dryer, warmer feeling and healthier homes.  Thousands of Unovent® fans have been fitted throughout the country and the Unovent® system is changing lifestyles for the better.