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PollenGuard - A New Innovation In Air Filtration

23 February 2018
PollenGuard - A New Innovation In Air Filtration PollenGuard - A New Innovation In Air Filtration Blog

According to the World Health Organisation, polluted urban air kills over 3 million people every year. But now there’s a scientifically proven, sustainable filter technology that traps particles and bacteria. Introducing HELIX™ Filter Media, manufactured using pure New Zealand wool.

It has now been adapted for use in the Unovent® Home Filtration system for those wanting the very best filter medium in their home. This filter technology has been developed in New Zealand by Lanaco, a leader in developing functional materials derived from natural wool. 

All Unovent® systems come with an industry standard G4 filter which is adequate in most situations. However, some families have need for additional filtration to remove even smaller particles in the fresh air. Unovent have partnered with Lanaco to provide filtration of harmful and invisible particles in the home. Click here to read more about world leading filter technology in home ventilation filters on the Lanaco website.

This specially manufactured filter is additional to the base filter and does not reduce the legendary efficiency of the Unovent system. While the G4 base filter is washable every couple of years, the PollenGuard® is recommended to be replaced every 3 – 4 months. A pack of 3 is only $15 including GST.

The additional filter may only be required in a child’s room or in some other specific place making this a very inexpensive option that has increased health benefits for those who need them.

Read full details about PollenGuard® here, where you can also click through to the Allergy NZ website and download a free Annual Pollen calendar.