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8 March 2018
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The cost and problems associated with living in a damp home are huge – much more than most people realise. The dampness is worse during winter when the humidity inside the dwelling is much higher because heaters are being run to keep the occupants warm. This results in ‘weeping windows’ and dampness in hidden corners where mould and mildew grow.

It’s easy to stop – and needn’t cost a fortune. The solution is a well ventilated home. Ventilation will make the home dryer, warmer and healthier – but only if undertaken correctly.

The Unovent® Home Ventilation System is controlled by a brain that brings dryer air into the home when the conditions are exactly right. We call this the ‘Unobrain®’ and it is the secret of the most efficient system on the market.

Unovent® systems are not only the smartest but have the lowest running costs ($1 per month for the whole house), have no ongoing filter replacement costs and are guaranteed for life.

Now it’s possible to purchase a system using 18 months interest free credit using Q MasterCard® or Q Card. Take advantage of this offer to have a system installed before winter.

For those without a Q MasterCard® or a Q Card, a pre-approved Q MasterCard® can be obtained here on our website you can also find where more information about this generous deal.