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Simplicity and Automation

15 August 2018
Simplicity and Automation Simplicity and Automation Blog

Perhaps the greatest advantage of an Unovent® ventilation system is its simplicity.

Many other ventilation systems are either:

  • Uncontrolled - they simply take air from a ceiling space and blow it into the building without consideration to temperature or humidity; or
  • Manually controlled- they require the home owner to set up and monitor the conditions in the roof space and the home then manipulate the system to operate as they consider best.

The Unovent® system is, to the best of our knowledge, the only fully automated system which is ‘install and forget’. Additionally, it comes with all features fully operable and does not require upgrades or future hardware/software additions.

When developing the system we realised that it was impossible for home owners to understand what is happening to the air in their roof space. It constantly changes along with the weather conditions outside. Sometimes it’s too hot or cold, often it’s too moist. The same situation occurs within the rooms of the house. As a result, owners would need to be constantly adjusting their system controls based on information they are unlikely to understand. Adjusting the controls is impossible when asleep, away from the home, at work or on holiday.

The Unovent system was developed to overcome these issues. The unique ‘Unobrain®’ in the roof space monitors the air conditions and automatically turns the system on or off at any time of the day or night without consideration by the owner - install and forget.

As a result, the Unovent® system is able to be manufactured and supplied without expensive additional components. It’s among the least expensive systems in the world but is the most sophisticated. There are no future costs to upgrade and most importantly, no effort or even understanding required to operate it in the most effective mode possible at all times. Install and forget.