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Stop mould and condensation

15 February 2016
Stop mould and condensation Stop mould and condensation Blog

Here at Unovent we are always trying to improve our understanding of the physics that surround moisture problems in the home. While trolling the internet we found a good video clip by a British organisation that we consider explains very well the reason we suffer mould and mildew in our homes.  It also offers a number of good tips to be rid of this problem.

The only comment we would make is that towards the end the presenter suggests using a dehumidifier. While a dehumidifier is an excellent tool for sucking up moisture, they do so one room at a time and are very expensive to run. We would suggest that a fully automated Unovent system will do the same job 24/7 - even while you are at work or on holiday – at a fraction of the cost. The Unovent system can be switched on when it is installed and will automatically look after the moisture in your home thereafter without you ever having to think about it again.

A very good tip in the video is "If you couldn’t dry your washing outside, then you shouldn’t open windows. You would just be letting more moisture into the house."

Take a look at the video online at …

The Unovent system is the most modern, efficient and cost effective home ventilation system in the world. It was invented in New Zealand and is assembled in New Zealand and is a high quality product that is an industry game-changer because it’s less expensive to purchase, install and run.

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