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Summer is best for drying bedding

16 December 2015
Summer is best for drying bedding Summer is best for drying bedding Blog

A dry home is a healthier home – most people know that.

Damp homes mean damp curtains, floor coverings, fabric furniture, clothes and especially bedding. Some beds contain many litres of water absorbed from the air, perspiration and simply breathing while asleep.

During winter it is very expensive to use dehumidifiers and heaters to warm a damp home enough to dry it out. The easiest and least expensive time to dry your bedding is during summer. Strip the bedding off the mattresses and stand it on edge so air can freely circulate all around (perhaps stand it in the doorway leaning on the doorpost).  Then open windows to allow fresh air to flow through the bedroom and other rooms. Opening windows on opposite sides of the house will create a flow and every room should be ventilated.

Be sure to do this only on warm sunny days and preferably when the humidity level is low. It will probably take a few days of repeating this process.

The dried mattress will be lighter and the bed will be much warmer to sleep in. It’s likely you will use less bedding for the same warmth. You and your family will sleep better and be healthier.

Once the bedding is dry and warm it’s important to keep it in that condition – especially during winter when dampness levels tend to increase. The simplest way is to fit a low cost, economic to run Unovent home ventilation system throughout the house. The automatic controls will maintain the warmer and dryer environment throughout the year for about $1 per month. It will run when conditions are ideal, even when you are asleep or away. Fit your Unovent during the summer to complete the drying of your home and have it ready for the cooler damper months of winter.