Positive Pressure Ventilation | Fully Automated | Unovent®


Through a positive pressure ventilation process, Unovent® slowly dries soft furniture, bedding, clothing and carpets - fully automated and optimised for NZ conditions.

Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems are can easily be installed by DIY home handymanThe Unovent®  filter and fan system creates a positive pressure ventilation process

“I noticed by the second day after installing Unovent, the condensation had disappeared from my windows and I really liked the fact, the product, is designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions.”
Hine, home owner, Lower Hutt

“Since installing Unovent, our daughters’ bedroom is now mould free and much drier.”
Natalie, home owner, Christchurch

“As a responsible landlord, I want to provide a dry and healthy environment for my tenants.   I have installed Unovent systems, in all our rental properties.” 
Kerry, property investor, Hamilton

The air in our home feels warmer and drier, since installing Unovent.  I have removed the dehumidifiers in our bedrooms, as they were no longer required.
Martin, home owner, Nelson