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Airing the home

10 March 2017
Airing the home Airing the home Blog

Warm moist weather is a difficult time for householders’ conscious of maintaining a healthy home. The daily temperatures make it attractive to open windows to cool the house – but the air entering the house may be moist, creating damp conditions perfect for mould and moisture to flourish.

The rule of thumb is simple … if the weather is suitable for hanging washing on the line outside, it’s suitable for opening windows to air the house. However, it isn’t always possible to be around the home waiting for the perfect conditions. Most homeowners are away during the day working or even out and about enjoying leisure pursuits. There are also holiday periods when the home is unattended. The perfect conditions could also be occurring at night when everyone is asleep.

There is an easy solution. An Unovent home ventilation system will take away all of the decision making and air the home whenever conditions are right – without and need for the owners or occupiers to give any thought to this matter.

The Unovent system has a very sophisticated control mechanism – we call it the ‘Unobrain’. It has been designed and manufactured by a specialist electronics company in New Zealand to constantly test for the suitability of the air in the roof space. It checks that air isn’t too hot, too cold or too moist. When the air is within the parameters the experts consider perfect for ventilation, it switches the system on and continues to monitor the conditions until its best switched off. This happens at any time without any need for the occupants to make any decisions or activate the system. It’s a ‘fit and forget’ system.

This is a good time to get started with an Unovent system in your home - you can find the selection on our products page.