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All home ventilation systems do the same thing

8 November 2016
All home ventilation systems do the same thing All home ventilation systems do the same thing Blog

Most Unovent competitors are telling their potential customers that our Unovent must be inferior ... it must be because it costs so much less. We can imagine they are worried as many people are discovering they can have a Home Ventilation system that works perfectly and cost much less to run at half the price. Worried competitors make us happy, but customers made to worry by our competitors causes very much annoyance.

One of the bogus claims is that the Unovent system doesn’t do as “good a job” as other systems. Well – here's the fact ... ALL positive ventilation systems do exactly the same job. They move fresh dry air from the roof space down into the rooms of the house. That’s it. They move the same air from the same place to the same place.

What makes them different is how they move it and how much is the cost to install and run. Traditional ventilation systems all have expensive ducting in the ceiling space. The Unovent doesn’t. The cost of the ducting and installation adds a considerable cost to the system that Unovent avoids. That’s our customer's principal cost and installation saving.

Given the need for large fans to move the air through the ducting, the traditional systems cost between $5 and $35 per month to operate (depending how long they operate, electricity rate, etc). The Unovent system typically costs around $1 per month. Added to that is the annual savings on filters – up to $160 for some systems – Unovent’s filters are washable for free.

The Unovent system has no friction creating ducting, uses small efficient fans at each room vent and, as a result, uses very little energy. This is why the Unovent system can be powered by a small solar panel if you want the mains power switched off. That’s what makes it unique, smart and a game changer in the healthy homes industry.

The truth is, you can use any system you like to move the air … you could make yourself a big fan turned by a crank handle if you felt inclined – it would do the same job … move the air from the ceiling space to the house rooms.