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Autumn Weather - time to take action

6 April 2017
Autumn Weather - time to take action Autumn Weather - time to take action Blog

Autumn is often the nicest time of the year. Here in New Zealand it’s usually warm with little rain or wind.  It’s the most popular time of the year for outdoor pursuits – meaning many people are away from their homes for long periods.

Empty unventilated homes are prone to heating up during the day as a result of solar gain through windows and slow to cool during the night.  These conditions are ideal for mould and mildew to thrive.  The house also quickly becomes musty. Most people will have smelt the must when returning from holiday.  Simply opening the windows will soon rid the musty smell but, if the weather conditions are damp, opening the windows will bring that damp air in which will feed the mould.

It makes more sense to keep the home nicely ventilated at all times.  Unovent home ventilation systems are the most modern but least expensive positive ventilation systems in the world. Its modus operandi is totally different to any of the other traditional systems.  By eliminating the expensive ducting throughout the ceiling, the Unovent system saves a large percentage of the hardware cost.  The elegant yet simple individual vents in each room feature small highly efficient 12 volt motors that enable quick and inexpensive installation in the perfect positions to be most effective.  It’s also the least expensive system in the world to operate.  The Unovent system has been a game-changer in the industry.

This inexpensive yet highly effective system will solve all the problems of home ventilation through the Autumn – and throughout the rest of the year.

There’s another reason to choose the Unovent home ventilation system – it’s the only system in the world with a LIFETIME warranty.

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