Home Ventilation System by John Wadsworth | Unovent®


The Inventor of Unovent®
A better home ventilation system

Unovent® was developed by John Wadsworth, an automation and control engineer with extensive experience in air management systems for human comfort and with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Engineering.

A former CEO of Honeywell NZ, John’s extensive experience and success is now reflected in his revolutionary cost saving solution to home ventilation for drier, warmer and healthier Kiwi homes.

In 2013, John wanted a ventilation system for his own home, but was unwilling to spend over $4,000 quoted by an existing company - instead he invested in excess of $60,000 inventing and testing a variety of ductless home ventilation systems for reducing moisture for his own home. John Wadsworth - the inventor of the Unovent® Home Ventilation SystemThat decision was inspirational. It resulted in a game-changing improvement leading to the filing of patent applications with International Rights reserved. A business was formed in March 2014 that brings effective ventilation to Kiwi homes at a much more affordable price.

John’s high quality system, with a 10 Year Warranty, is based on a single low voltage fan mounted in each room. That’s why he called it UNO-vent. By eliminating all of the expensive components in the ceiling space he greatly reduced the cost of the system and the installation – as well as reducing running costs.

The Unovent® product design is covered by NZ Patent Application 629­739, Australian Patent Application 2015­201820

The Unovent® product design is covered by New Zealand Patent NZ735905, Australian Patent Pending AU2015201820 and with other International Rights Reserved.