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Ventilation System Not Working Mystery Ventilation System Not Working Mystery Blog

Ventilation System Not Working Mystery

26 January 2017

Here at Unovent we had a situation where a ventilation system simply didn't work. That didn't make sense as the Unovent system (or any other ventilation system) is simply a way of moving stale air out of a house and replacing it with fresh air ... just like opening the windows on a nice day. The elimination of moisture in the home is

Drying clothes inside Drying clothes inside Blog

Drying clothes inside

12 January 2017

Few people stop to consider what happens to the moisture in towels, clothes or other damp objects (pets) that are dried inside the house. Many people dry clothes indoors during the winter, on the radiators, in front of the fire or just on racks. But drying clothes indoors increases the amount of moisture in the air by 30 percent or more. This