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Roof Space Air Quality - Filters Roof Space Air Quality - Filters Blog

Roof Space Air Quality - Filters

23 November 2015

A common perception is that the air in the roof space of a home is very dusty. It’s also one of the most common questions we are asked  – “Won’t the air in the roof cavity be dusty and unhealthy?" The short answer is no. The roof space of houses are designed to be well ventilated to the outside air. In fact,

The dreaded pollen season The dreaded pollen season Blog

The dreaded pollen season

10 November 2015

Many people suffer from pollen allergy – it’s suggested one third of the population suffers from Seasonal Allergic Rhino Conjunctivitis – more commonly known as hay fever.  There are numerous plants that create hay fever symptoms and most are blown around the country by the wind. Pollen is in the air all year round The