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Summer is best for drying bedding Summer is best for drying bedding Blog

Summer is best for drying bedding

16 December 2015

A dry home is a healthier home – most people know that. Damp homes mean damp curtains, floor coverings, fabric furniture, clothes and especially bedding. Some beds contain many litres of water absorbed from the air, perspiration and simply breathing while asleep. During winter it is very expensive to use dehumidifiers and heaters to

Unovent - Delivery Anywhere Unovent - Delivery Anywhere Blog

Unovent - Delivery Anywhere

1 December 2015

Anyone in a Kiwi business will be aware that New Zealand is a long thin country – with many inherent problems for both business and their customers. One of these problems is the cost and time of freighting product around the country. That body of water known as Cook Strait is said to be among the most expensive in the world. Unovent has a