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Oxygen for solid fuel fireplaces Oxygen for solid fuel fireplaces Blog

Oxygen for solid fuel fireplaces

30 March 2016

As homes become more insulated and sealed to be energy efficient, few have given consideration to those that have solid fuel and gas fireplaces.  To burn effectively a fire needs a source of fresh air (oxygen) to provide combustion. Some fires have a built in air intake from outside to provide fresh air. However, it’s likely the

Home Ventilation Control ... the UNOBRAIN Home Ventilation Control ... the UNOBRAIN Blog

Home Ventilation Control ... the UNOBRAIN

17 March 2016

For many years, home ventilation systems were left running 24/7 (which was a very expensive ventilation solution) or turned on and when the home owner became conscious of moisture (eg. weeping windows). As neither of these arrangements was suitable, ventilation manufacturers developed control systems. These tend to be based on preselected times

Roof Space Fires Roof Space Fires Blog

Roof Space Fires

2 March 2016

Recently it was reported in the news media that a home in Gore suffered fire damage as a result of the ventilation system installed in the ceiling space.  The ventilation system was a traditional 240 volt ducted system typical of hundreds of thousands fitted in homes around the world. The unsubstantiated reports indicate the temperature