Home Ventilation Installation Included | Unovent®


Unovent® will be easily fitted by our recommended REGISTERED ELECTRICIANS. No fuss installation.

Unovent® can be easily installed without the electrical know-how to wire it all up.Unovent® can easily be fitted by many DIY home handymen

“Firstly, I liked the concept, the simplicity of the system, the fact each fan is individual and you can access them from below.”
Barry, property investor, Auckland

“Unovent is considerably cheaper and does the same job as others on the market, plus it is quick and easy to get installed.”
Nazla, home owner, Auckland

“I was attracted to Unovent as it is not reliant on a ducted system, each unit is standalone and the power source is low voltage.”
Victor, home owner, Hamiltion

“It is very good value for money, as I can clean the filters myself and don’t have to pay on-going maintenance costs.”
Kerry, property investor, Hamilton

“My son, after installing a Unovent system in his home, suggested I should install one, as I was experiencing condensation problems.  It has delivered what I wanted, condensation issues have now gone.”
David, home owner, Blenheim

“A simple system, with no ducting, that suited our very narrow roof space.  The installation process was very easy and once installed just let it run and forget about it.”
Doug, home owner, Porirua

The simplicity of the system and the fact it's a home-grown product all appealed.
Martin, home owner, Nelson