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Good ventilation - it's the smart choice

25 January 2016
Good ventilation - it's the smart choice Good ventilation - it's the smart choice Blog

"With good ventilation, your home will be drier, healthier and more comfortable.  Ventilation is about helping air to circulate in your home.  It allows moisture and airborne pollutants to escape, and fresh, clean air to be drawn into your home.  Well-designed ventilation will provide cooling in summer.  In winter, it will let stale air out but keep warmth in."

The above advice from Smarter Homes is universal.  All organisations around the world that focus on healthy living agree that adequate ventilation is very important.  We recommend reading the tips mentioned on the Smarter Homes Website and suggest you follow their advice.

A trial project aimed at making rental housing safer to live in will start this month in Wellington.  Additionally, field trials of the new building ''warrant of fitness'' scheme will be conducted on 125 houses in Wellington, Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch and Dunedin.  The trial is being supported by the NZ Green Building Council, city councils and ACC.  The WOF checks, which should take about an hour, will assess a home's warmth, dryness, mould and dampness, injury risk, sanitation, basic state-of-repair and basic living needs.  The results will be published in March, 2016.

Subject to the results, the WOF is likely to be extended throughout the country during 2017.  While this is focused on rental accommodation, the vast majority of homes in New Zealand are owned by owner/occupiers.  These homes will not be subject to the WOF – but it’s just as important for family owned houses to comply with the recommended standards as well.

While adequate ventilation can be provided by simply opening windows and doors, this is not a practical solution if the occupants are out working during the day or away.  It is also unlikely to be suitable when the weather is inclement or windy.  The simplest solution is to fit an Unovent Home Ventilation system that is fully automatic at all times.  It tests the temperature and humidity of the air and vents the building with filtered air when the conditions are right.  It happens automatically so once your Unovent system is in place, you never have to think about the issue again.  Unovent systems are inexpensive, can be fitted to any number of rooms, may be installed DIY or in a few hours by your local electrician.

Adequate ventilation is important at all times of the year, but becomes most noticeable in the cooler months when condensation is visible on windows.  Surprisingly, there is more moisture in the building during summer due to higher air temperatures holding the moisture.  Don’t wait for winter – get rid of the moisture in the warm months and be ready for winter before it becomes a pressing problem.