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6 December 2016
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Insulation is very important for a healthy home. Insulation makes heating more effective and much less expensive. Every home should be insulated.

Ventilation is also important. Fresh, dry air can be heated more efficiently and economically than stale, moist air that is created in the home by normal living.

Heating is one of the 3 elements for a comfortable and healthy home. Everyone should live in a comfortable and healthy home. There are many forms of heating – some are more effective and affordable than others. Consumer NZ has good information regarding the most economical and effective heating.

It's seldom considered or understood that just heating a home without, proper ventilation is likely to make the dampness problem worse. The dryest outside places on earth are the North and South Poles. The air is very cold and totally dry. The dampest outside air in the world is in the tropics around the Equator. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. This is known as humidity. The higher the humidity, the more moisture (water vapour) in the air.

If a damp home owner tries to dry out their house by just adding more heat, it's likely that the moisture will remain and make the home damper. During warm summers the moisture in the warm air is invisible. During winter when temperatures drop, the moisture remains invisible on warm sunny days and during evenings when the heating is operating. However, as the house cools down overnight, the moist air will condense onto cold surfaces, such as windows, and become visible moisture.

The damp air that cools overnight will also condense into furnishings, bedding, clothes, drapes and other absorbant materials. These materials are unlikely to dry out the next day – or ever. In these conditions, moulds and mildew will grow and thrive. The only way to dry a home is to ventilate the moist air to the outside and replace that air with fresh dry air.

The easiest way to do this is to open windows on warm sunny days. Unfortunately, these seldom exist in winter and leaving windows open when the family is away at work and school or on holiday is a security problem. The most effective economical solution is a Unovent Home Ventilation system.

The Unovent system operates automatically whenever the air conditions in the ceiling space are in the correct temperature and humidity conditions. It’s an ‘install and forget’ system. The moist air in the home is forced out by fresh, dry air from the ceiling space. The new fresh air is more effectively and economically heated – which in turn draws moisture out of all the absorbant materials – and forces that outside – to be replaced by more fresh, dry air – repeatedly. 

It's simple, logical and scientific. Heating a home will not make it dry. Replacing the damp air over time will dry it out and together with the insulation, will result in a warm, dry healthy home.