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Home Ventilation Control ... the UNOBRAIN

17 March 2016
Home Ventilation Control ... the UNOBRAIN Home Ventilation Control ... the UNOBRAIN Blog

For many years, home ventilation systems were left running 24/7 (which was a very expensive ventilation solution) or turned on and when the home owner became conscious of moisture (eg. weeping windows).

As neither of these arrangements was suitable, ventilation manufacturers developed control systems. These tend to be based on preselected times or on room temperature – and can be overridden by the home owner if they think the settings are incorrect.

At Unovent, our developer concluded that none of the existing control solutions were satisfactory. A fundamental issue was that decisions were being made by people or devices based on room temperature. This bore little relationship to where the air was coming from – the roof space. There was also a need to base the control on humidity, as well as the temperature, and to have the system working when the conditions were correct rather than as a reaction to observation or temperature.

As a result Unovent have developed a totally automated, install-and-forget control system.  There is no need for any input from the home owner. It always and only works when the air condition in the ceiling space is correct, even at night and when occupants are away. You can leave for a holiday knowing your home is staying drier, healthier and warmer.

At the heart of the automation is a very smart sensor-controller built to Unovent’s specifications. It is designed and produced in Tauranga – right here in New Zealand.  This controller is called “Unobrain” and its purpose is to decide 24/7 if the air in the roof space is suitable for moisture reduction of the air in the living spaces of the home.  It switches off the Unovent system if the roof space air is too cold in the winter, too hot in summer, or too moist at any time.  The unacceptable high humidity condition of the roof space air happens whenever we have prolonged periods of rain with the air in the roof space becoming too moisture laden to be of any use. This may happen for a few hours but turn off periods of 36 hours is possible. That isn’t a problem in a warm, dry, well ventilated home as damp air isn’t being drawn in. When the system restarts it quickly rebalances the air conditions in the home – automatically.

No other suppliers of home ventilation systems deal with all these issues, with the end result that home owners with these other systems end up pulling moisture laden air from the roof space adding to the problem they thought they were solving. 

We consider the Unobrain is one of the greatest benefits of a Unovent system. ‘Install and forget’ allows the home owner to be confident that their ventilation is always working in the correct conditions using sophisticated sensors that take away any potential incorrect ‘judgement’ errors.