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Home Ventilation in humid periods

17 February 2018
Home Ventilation in humid periods Home Ventilation in humid periods Blog

The NZ government advisory organisation known as the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) makes recommendation on its website in regard to Home Ventilation systems.

While we hold other proven views regarding their claims that air in the ceiling / roof space is poor quality, they do have some other good advice. Our views regarding roof cavity air quality are based on observed and proven fact. Air entering the home from roof spaces has no more pollutants than outside air. In fact, it’s typically cleaner than the existing air in the living spaces – and every ventilation system has air filters.

Should, however, you be concerned about roof space quality – (a) telephone us to have a chat and we will discuss the results of the practical tests which we undertook and (b) Unovent has a unique system that alternatively brings air directly through the walls from outside the home.

The one thing we do strongly agree with EECA about is humidity control. Their website says …

"Beacon Pathway research found that systems that aren’t controlled by humidity sensors can increase moisture levels in your house. Look for a ventilation system that uses both temperature and humidity sensors to control the air supply."

To the best of our knowledge Unovent has the only ventilation system in New Zealand that incorporates a humidity control. ie. when outside air and therefore the roof cavity air humidity rises to a high, the Unovent automatic controller switches off the system until the air is suitable for moisture reduction inside the living spaces. This stops damp air being drawn into the home.

In periods of prolonged rain and those experienced during January and February this year, this single feature will make a huge difference to the dampness inside homes. Our Unobrain requires no monitoring and will only operate when the conditions are ideal to make your home drier, warmer and healthier.

More information about humidity in the home can be found on the Authority of Sustainable Building website … http://www.level.org.nz/passive-design/controlling-indoor-air-quality/humidity-and-condensation/

Read about the Unovent® Unobrain® here and feel free to call us to discuss on 0800 Unovent (0800 866 836).