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Get an intelligent ventilation system for summer comfort

13 November 2019
Get an intelligent ventilation system for summer comfort Get an intelligent ventilation system for summer comfort Blog

Your roof space can get pretty hot in summer, especially if you have a well-insulated ceiling. So would you want all that hot air circulating around your home? Nope.
And that’s why the only home ventilation system worth considering is the Unovent system, which is controlled by the Unobrain.

Invented in Tauranga (another fine example of Kiwi ingenuity), the Unobrain decides 24/7 whether the air in your roof space is suitable for exchanging with the air in your home. If the roof space air is too cold, too moist or too hot, Unobrain puts the Unovent system on pause, unlike some other home ventilation systems that will continue to pump the hot, moist or cold air into your home until you turn it off manually.

This means that getting an Unovent PPV (positive pressure ventilation) system installed in your home is a no-brainer, because the Unobrain does all the thinking for you. You can confidently leave your intelligent ventilation system on permanently, knowing there’s a computerised monitoring system in your ceiling constantly analysing the quality of roof space air. When conditions are bad the system turns off - but as soon as the conditions improve Unovent kicks into life again and draws fresh air into your home – automatically. This means you don’t have to do a thing about ventilation control – it does it for you! No more constantly turning the ventilation system on and off or up and down when the conditions are right – Unovent is a true install-and-forget system.

Helps your home to keep its cool

The Unovent PPV system brings fresh, filtered air from your roof space into rooms below. This action pushes stale, moist air out through open windows, gaps under doors and kitchen/bathroom vents. As a result, the warm, moist air in your home is continually being changed – even when windows and doors are closed. Ventilation is particularly important at night in summer, when you may not want to leave windows open to let the nasty mozzies in!

Come home to a sweet-smelling house

If you’re heading away for a Christmas holiday, it’s good to know you’ll arrive back to a house that’s been actively ventilated the whole time, even though it’s been locked up like Fort Knox. Positive pressure smart ventilation systems keep the air flowing through your home, helping to moderate internal temperatures and moisture levels.

Screens pollen and other allergies out of internal air

Spring, summer and autumn are known for high pollen counts, which can play havoc with respiratory health. If you have asthmatics and hay fever sufferers in the family, investing in an Unovent smart vent system with Pollenguard® could really make a difference to daily life.

We’ll dig into this topic a bit more in next month’s blog post so remember to check back then!

Talk to an expert about getting Unovent with Unobrain installed at your home

It costs nothing to have your home assessed for an Unovent PPV system with Unobrain and optional PollenGuard filter. If you have a roof cavity or attic, your home could be ideal. For a no-obligation assessment and quotation, call 0800 UNOVENT (0800 866 836) or email