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Lifetime Warranty

Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems for moisture reduction have a Lifetime Warranty – the longest and simplest in the Home Ventilation industry.

This warranty is limited to the original purchaser and unconditionally covers all aspects of the Unovent Limited supplied components from poor workmanship and failure when fitted and used in compliance with the installation guide and fitting instructions.  Given the simplicity of the ductless 12 volt system, there is very little that can fail.  In all situations, after prior communication with Unovent Limited, the suspected faulty component must be returned to Unovent Limited by the customer and the cost of the freight, postage or courier charge will be reimbursed by Unovent Limited to the customer..

Any 240 volt wiring installation and power outlet installation must be carried out by a registered electrician.

(A more complete statement, regarding the Unovent® Home Ventilation Systems components Lifetime Warranty, can be found by clicking here to read within our Standard Terms and Conditions statement.)