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Modern Homes require ventilation

7 September 2016
Modern Homes require ventilation Modern Homes require ventilation Blog

Contrary to advice often given, modern construction methods together with greatly improved building materials result in new homes being more air-tight with less ventilation than older homes. These homes are closed up for longer periods than during past lifestyles. Longer working hours, noise, privacy issues and concerns regarding home security, result in homes being tightly closed longer than in the past.

Poor ventilation in your home unquestionably causes a rapid build-up of moisture due to our normal lifestyle – cooking, showering, breathing, drying laundry, etc. Some modern building materials also give off harmful gases and should be ventilated to avoid health problems. These activities can damage drapes, carpets, bedding, cloth and furnishings. Mould, mildew and dust mites thrive in poorly ventilated homes and are key triggers for asthma, allergies and respiratory problems

According to BRANZ, the best way to provide a warm, dry and healthy home by preventing condensation, mould and mildew is to remove moisture using both continuous ventilation and adequate heating when necessary. A modern technology, low cost Unovent home ventilation system will provide all the ventilation required.

When building your new home, or renovating, ask your builder to install a Unovent system.  If living in an older home that experiences weeping windows that will also indicate inadequate ventilation. A Unovent system can easily be installed by a home handyman or your local electrician in a short time with no mess or alterations to your property.