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Unovent® PollenGuard® in Home Ventilation systems incorporating Helix Filter Media

Unovent® PollenGuard® Protection in the Unovent® home ventilation system for moisture reduction incorporates an industrial graded G4 pre-filter together with an optional final ultra-thin PollenGuard® Helix Filter Media to remove harmful particles from the air entering your home through the Unovent® room ventilation outlets.

Benefits of Unovent® PollenGuard® are:

  • UnoventĀ® Ventilation FanAir filtration of small particles
    • e.g. Pollen, dust, germs, smog, spores, PM2.5 etc
  • Extremely easy for air to flow through
  • Ultra-thin & light
  • Produced in New Zealand
  • Retrofits and upgrades into existing systems
  • Simple to fit, no experts required

The best home ventilation system not only circulates dry air into the home to reduce condensation and moisture build-up, (which in turn helps to prevent rot, mould & mildew from forming major causes of asthma & allergies) but also has minimum energy and running costs.

This is achieved with a well-designed built-in filter system in each room outlet, capturing small harmful airborne particles all-year round, such as pollen, dust, germs, smog, spores, PM2.5, etc

With in-coming air, the Unovent® PollenGuard® final filter captures and holds invisible airborne particles, and, while the G4 pre-filter is washed and/or replaced, the PollenGuard® final filters should be replaced regularly for a safer, healthier home for your family all-year round.

The Unovent® PollenGuard® Helix Filter is scientifically developed, tested, and manufactured in New Zealand from Lanaco’s specially designed high-performing natural wool fibres specifically for the improved protection of respiratory health.  The PollenGuard® Helix final filter allows each Unovent® room outlet to retain its ultra low energy usage whilst capturing more harmful particles in the air

It is recommended that the low cost ultra-thin Unovent® PollenGuard® Helix Filter Media is replaced at least every 3-4 months (after the main part of each season) to ensure protection.  Click here to download the Installation Guide describing how to easily fit the Unovent® PollenGuard® final filters to existing and recently purchased Unovent® kitsets.

Would you like to find out more about potential allergy triggers in your home? 
Click here to download the Annual Pollen Calendar from Allergy New Zealand.

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The Science behind Helix Filter Media

The research behind Lanaco and Helix Filter Media combine over 150 years of sheep farming history and decades of scientific research from New Zealand and Australasian organizations to create the science and innovation capability in the new natural materials technology and make Lanaco a Centre of Innovation & Excellence in Respiratory Filtration in the world stage.

“Helix Filter Media has been scientifically tested and developed to meet the highest standards in respiratory protection”
– Lanaco CEO & Founder Nick Davenport

“The Unovent® PollenGuard® adaptation of the Helix Filter Media aligns perfectly with the game-changing innovation which Unovent® is widely known for”
– Unovent CEO & Founder John Wadsworth

The functional capabilities of the Unovent® PollenGuard® Helix filter media are derived from the alpha helical molecule in the wool fibre, which have evolved over centuries to protect an animal (sheep) in the high-country and harsh environments, and now have been extracted and harnessed by Lanaco to protect human health.

Functional capabilities like:

  • Air filtration of small particles
    • e.g. Pollen, dust, germs, smog, spores, PM2.5 etc
  • Extremely easy for air to flow through
  • Ultra-thin & light
  • Made in New Zealand


MEO filter technology:  The Helix filter media used in the Unovent® PollenGuard® final filter for home ventilation and also in the MEO High Quality Face Mask for the filtration of inhaled air.


TVNZ Seven Sharp presentation of the history behind the Lanaco special wool fibre as used in the Unovent® PollenGuard® Helix filter media and in the MEO Face Mask for the filtration of inhaled air.

Source: Seven Sharp