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A drier, warmer, healthier home

Adequate ventilation for moisture reduction is a key element in a healthy home.  The Unovent® home ventilation system for moisture reduction will help to reduce condensation and hidden moisture that creates mould and mildew – both major causes of asthma and allergies - and also reduce rot, odours, toxins and air-born allergens.  The G4 pre-filter and optional Pollenguard® post-filter removes pollen, mould and spores - potential causes of asthma and allergies.

Unovent® ventilation units are available in any configuration - from a single room outlet to whatever quantity is required to fully ventilate your home.

Unovent® ventilation units are available in single and multiple room outlets




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The key advantages of the Unovent® ventilation system:

  • Unovent® is a simple solution and as effective as other alternative, more expensive and complicated ducted ventilation systems for moisture control. The choice is yours, you can start with one room at a time or install throughout your home. The more vents you buy, the cheaper it becomes.
  • The typical cost of running an Unovent® system 24 hours a day by 7 days a week is about 20 to 30 cents every 10 days - less than $1 per month!
  • The Unovent® system is fully automated and optimised for NZ conditions, with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor controller called the Unobrain®.  The Unobrain® only permits operation of the system when the roof cavity air is effective, automatically switching off without the need for manual adjustments when it senses cold, hot or damp conditions in the roof cavity.   
  • Unovent® systems use the industry recognised standard G4 filters to remove course dust particles including pollen, mould and spores from your home. Unovent® systems also come with the unique wool based Unovent® PollenGuard® filters as an optional extra for reducing the input of pollens into the house.
  • Filters can be removed (from within the room), washed and placed back in each room unit by the owner.
  • The self-contained fans have a manufacturing test result of a mean time between failure of greater than 150,000 hours (greater than 17 years continuous use).
  • The Unovent system kitsets come with a 10 Year Warranty.

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