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Protect your biggest asset with an Unovent® home ventilation system – reduced moisture and odour for a drier, warmer and healthier home.

Reduce Moisture and Odour with an Unovent® Home Ventilation System

“The unit that I installed into one of my flats (in August 2015) has been “gold”.  Thanks so much.  The mould on the ceiling has gone and the mould in the curtains has all but gone.”
Dean, property investor, Dunedin

“After we installed Unovent, our tenants are saying there is less condensation and the property is warmer and drier.”
Kirsten, property investor, Dunedin

“One of my rentals is an older property with wooden joinery and lots of condensation issues, the Unovent system helped a lot.”
Barry, property investor, Auckland

“After installing Unovent in our loft, the most noticeable difference is a lot less condensation both upstairs and downstairs.”
Nazla, home owner, Auckland

“The main benefits since installing Unovent, is the minimal condensation and the fresh air circulation, especially in winter, when rooms are generally closed up.”
Victor, home owner, Hamilton

“Since installing Unovent in our own home, I have noticed when my children get colds their recovery time is a lot quicker and our house is much drier and easier to heat.”
Kerry, property investor, Hamilton

"I would just like to say how happy we are with our recent purchase –  the installation of the Unovent ventilation system into our home has made a HUGE difference.

My eldest son has the back room of the house that was always cold, musty and weeping windows were the norm – the transformation into a dry fresh room is outstanding to say the least. I am extremely happy with all of the rooms and in such a short space of time too.  Excellent product thank you."

Tracy, home owner, New Plymouth