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Protect your biggest asset with an Unovent® home ventilation system – reduced moisture, odour and a drier, healthier home.

“When I noticed condensation in one of my rentals I did some research and decided on Unovent®. It worked so well I’ve put one in my own home too.”

Krishna Somasundaram, Auckland property investor

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At up to 50% less than the cost of other systems, with Unovent® healthy Kiwi homes don’t need to be a luxury.

"The Unovent® system works, is as efficient as other systems and about a third of the cost."

Anne, home owner, Botany Downs

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Through a positive pressure ventilation process, Unovent® slowly dries soft furniture, bedding, clothing and carpets.

"Unovent® has eliminated condensation on windows and there has been a huge overall reduction in moisture around the house."

Andrew, homeowner, Pakuranga Heights

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No fuss installation. Unovent® will be easily fitted by our recommended registered electricians upon purchase.

“A simple system, with no ducting, that suited our very narrow roof space. The installation process was very easy - once installed just let it run and forget about it.”

Doug, home owner, Porirua

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A warm, dry home is a healthier home.

"We have a little one due in a few weeks and now feel a lot happier about our new baby sleeping in a much drier and ventilated bedroom."

Andrew, home owner, Pakuranga

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No more dripping windows, damp drapes or mould with Unovent® - a fully automated home ventilation system, optimised for NZ conditions.

"All three of our rentals were normally damp and the curtains prone to mould.  After installing Unovent our tenants raved about it and said how much better the house felt."

Michelle and Lance, property investors, Beachlands

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No complex ducting - start with one room or install throughout your home - it's up to you!

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"We love our Unovent! We have 80's style aluminium joinery and during winter, water used to run down our windows and you could hear it dripping. Since having the Unovent installed, we have dry windows and it's noticeably warm and dry in the bedrooms. The quoting and installation process was excellent, and it was extremely cost effective. We're so pleased we chose Unovent for our home."

Pam Wardrope, home owner, Tauranga




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