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1 December 2015
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Anyone in a Kiwi business will be aware that New Zealand is a long thin country – with many inherent problems for both business and their customers. One of these problems is the cost and time of freighting product around the country. That body of water known as Cook Strait is said to be among the most expensive in the world.

Unovent has a well-known sister business … Showerdome. Showerdome have been providing energy efficient bathroom solutions that stop moisture in the home for 10 years. It is a very popular and successful business that has helped over 80,000 people to have a healthier home.

Showerdome have a very efficient distribution network to many agents throughout New Zealand and reputation for great service. Auckland based Unovent has now tapped into that network and is delighted to welcome master agents in Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Christchurch in the South Island. These independent businesses in turn supply dozens of trade and retail agents in most towns and cities throughout the country.


The Christchurch agent ‘Showerdome South Ltd’ is particularly effective. They look after the whole of the South Island and can now provide a contact in most towns to anyone wanting to purchase a Unovent system locally. The growing number of ‘Unovent’ agents throughout the country can be found on the Unovent 'Contact Us' page.

Most electrical wholesalers and even electricians are able to source Unovent systems. This is particularly helpful to DIY installers.

This network lowers the delivery time and most importantly, reduces the cost of freight throughout the country. At Unovent we are aware most people like dealing locally. If you have a special supplier or electrician in your area you would like to recommend, chat to them – then tell us. We’ll welcome them to the growing ‘Unovent’ family.

When considering the distribution around NZ we found these fascinating websites about NZ communities. If you are interested in discovering information about any community in New Zealand you can find a wealth of information online. Check out the Directory of Cities, Towns and Regions in New Zealand or A list of towns in New Zealand on Wikipedia.