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Why You Need to Ventilate Your Whole House

23 April 2019
Why You Need to Ventilate Your Whole House Why You Need to Ventilate Your Whole House Blog

A whole house ventilation system ventilates every room in the house, eliminating stale air and keeping the air fresh to maintain a healthy environment. Ventilation systems are important to have in our homes, but many people think that this means installing range hoods in the kitchen and extractor fans in the bathroom. This simply isn’t enough if you want to live in a healthy home – we bet you won’t believe some of the things that can happen to your home and family without proper ventilation – read on to find out more.

Healthy Air = Healthy Family

A whole house ventilation system is an important feature of any healthy home. Along with proper insulation and heating, it’s important that each room in your home is correctly ventilated to prevent your home from becoming damp and mouldy. Condensation (which helps dampness and mould form) is concentrated in areas like the kitchen and bathroom where excess moisture is produced, but it’s just as likely to occur in places such as the bedroom (where we're breathing all night long!)

Unhealthy, damp homes are linked to asthma, especially for children, and this can be fatal. A properly ventilated home right from your children’s births can reduce the risk of contracting asthma, and if your child already has it, it can help to reduce symptoms significantly due to the reduction of potential triggers in the home.

Similarly, a healthy home can heavily reduce hayfever triggers as ventilation can help reduce the build-up of dust and pollen inside the home. Hayfever can be the cause of much worse sinus related problems if not controlled, so it’s important that when your family is indoors, at home, they know they can be away from triggers by keeping their doors and windows closed plus still keep their home adequately ventilated!

moisture is controlled.... QUIETLY

Most ventilation systems NZ wide work to remove stale, moist air from our homes through a process known as positive pressure. This means the system is pushing fresh, dry air down in to the home, which in turn pushes the stale air out through gaps in joinery, under doors, up through extraction fans etc - this does not mean it is an extraction fan itself! If we were to constantly extract air out of a bedroom for example, it would not only be very noisy, it would end up taking too much heat out of the room as well which would be a big problem in winter. Many people get confused between positive pressure and extract ventilation, so just remember that positive pressure = dry air pushing stale air down and out, whereas extract ventilation = sucking moist air out at high speed.

Create A Healthy Home Today

Installing a whole house ventilation system such as an Unovent kitset is sure to be the best way you can ventilate your home, keep your family healthy and make your home an excellent environment to live in.

If you’re looking to install an Unovent ventilation system, we have local experts across the country who can visit your home and provide a free consultation and quote. Just contact us to arrange a time.